Full Sake Bar

June 10th, 2010

Sake & specialty cocktails. Come in and try one of our unique beverages today!

Star Noodle Sake


Gekkeikan Black & Gold     13/3oz gls      22/carafe

Yuri Masamune Honjozo      12/3oz gls      20/carafe

Eiko Fuji Ban Ryu      13/3oz gls      22/carafe

Horin Gekkeikan      19/3oz gls      30/carafe     57/10 oz btl

Murai Family Nigori Genshu Sake    13/3oz gls      22/carafe

Gekkeikan Nigori     13/10 oz btl

Gekkeikan Zipang Sparkling Sake     12/8 oz btl

Hou Hou Shu Sparkling Sake     13/6oz btl

Sake Flight Gekkeikan     12/5oz

Sake Cocktails     12

PFM Saketini – Xrated (Passion Fruit & Mango Vodka), Sake, Lime Sour

Asian Pear – Fresh Asian Pear muddled in Pear Vodka, Sake, Lime Sour

Nigori Cosmo – Citron Vodka, Nigori Sake, Cranberry juice

Soho Berry Sparkler – Sparkling Sake, Lychee Liqueur, Lemon

Sweet Tea Cooler – Sweet Tea Vodka, Shochu, Muddled Lemon, Sprite

Cucumber Miki – Fresh Cucumber, Lemon, Shochu

Sake Cranzu – Cranberry Juice, Yuzu, Nigori Sake

Red Lantern – Lychee Liqueur, Nigori Sake, Cranberry Juice

Star ★ Cocktails     10-12

Sparkling Jasmine – Citron Vodka, Jasmine Tea Liqueur

Agave Rose – Strawberries muddled in Tequila, Aperol, Lime Sour

Stargarita – Calamansi, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Xrated, Hornitos


  1. [...] Star Noodle is a bit out of the way at the back of an industrial area, and unless you’re heading there specifically, it is unlikely that you’d just pass by the area. So by all means, grab a few friends and set your GPS. The appetizers were the standouts for me, and they are best shared family-style alongside a few noodle dishes. And don’t forget the cockatil menu, especially if you like sake. [...]

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Full Sake Bar

Full Sake Bar

Sake & specialty cocktails. Come in and try one of our unique beverages today! Sake Gekkeikan Black ...